Home Business Facebook spends $ us 22.6 million to keep Zuckerberg safe

Facebook spends $ us 22.6 million to keep Zuckerberg safe

| Agencies | Apr 13, 2019 | 16:13

In 2018 Facebook doubled security spending for its chief executive, Mark Zuckerberg, the company said Friday in a financial report.

According to the figures, Zuckerberg has received a basic annual salary equivalent to one million dollars for three years. However, last year this figure was added to a "compensation" of 22.6 million dollars "to cover the additional costs related to personal safety" and that of his family.

These funds are used to pay protection schemes in their residences and during their trips. The report also emphasizes that, of this amount, 2.6 million dollars correspond to expenses on private planes for the tycoon's personal use, which include charter flights, fuel and crew, among others.

The amount to keep the founder of Facebook safe has doubled compared to previous years. In 2017, about 7.6 million dollars were invested, while in 2016 the amount reached 5.1 million dollars.

The significant increase in Zuckerberg's salary compensation came after the wave of criticism in which Facebook was involved in 2018. First with the case of Cambridge Analytica in March, the biggest leak of social networks, and later in November, when he was accused of hiring a public relations firm to silence criticism and divert attention from the scandals that surrounded it.

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