Facebook has taken Chinese accounts offline for the first time for meddling in US politics. In the United States, the accounts spoke out for and against presidential candidates Donald Trump and Joe Biden, but had “almost no followers,” according to Facebook.

It concerns 155 fake Facebook accounts that mainly focused on Southeast Asia and posted messages in Chinese and Filipino, Facebook reports. According to the company, a number of individuals from China’s Fujian region, adjacent to the strait with Taiwan, are behind the coordinated deceptive behavior.

Nathaniel Gleicher, head of Facebook’s security policy, says it is the first time the company has taken accounts from China offline due to interference in US politics.

According to Gleicher, it appears that the accounts targeted the US to increase their audience. “The volume of the content is so low that it is very difficult to determine what their purpose is,” he says.

The people behind the accounts used software to pretend they were from a region other than China.

The misleading behavior from China becomes known at a time of bad political relations between the country and the US. US President Trump is trying to ban the Chinese apps WeChat and TikTok from US territory because they threaten national security.


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