Facebook: Texans get 15 months in jail for posting lies – news abroad

That nasty joke put him behind bars …

In April 2020, Christopher Charles Perez wrote on Facebook that he had paid someone infected with corona to lick food in a supermarket in San Antonio – to contaminate customers!

But none of that was right. Stupid for the 40-year-old Texan: A screenshot of his Facebook post ended up with the FBI – and they couldn’t laugh at his “joke” and investigated. Then Perez admitted that it was all a lie, like “CBS News“Reported.

“Those who threaten to use Covid-19 as a weapon against others will be held accountable for their actions, even if the threat was a hoax,” said Christopher Combs, special agent for the FBI’s San Antonio division, in a statement.

The court agreed and sentenced Perez to 15 months in prison and a $ 1,000 fine.

“Perez’s actions were deliberately designed to instill fear and panic, and today’s conviction illustrates the gravity of the crime. The FBI would like to thank our law enforcement partners for their help with this case, ”said Combs.

Was it all worth the joke? Hardly likely …