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Facebook: the newsfeed is (almost) of the past

The newsfeed is no longer the priority of Facebook. Who will now devote most of his energy to develop and monetize video, messaging and especially stories.

On the occasion of the presentation of the financial results of the firm, Mark Zuckerberg spoke about the strategy of his company in the long term. And it clearly does not pass through this good old stream. " There is certainly a lot to be done to improve the newsfeed, but our roadmap for the Facebook app focuses on a few priorities: stories (…), video (…) and an important focus on groups and communities "He argued.

It must be said that the consumption of Facebook users has changed. "We are seeing an evolution in the way people communicate: they are gradually adopting messaging and stories " says he. Stating that the trend is clear: " people share more photos, videos and links on WhatsApp and Messenger than they do on social networks, " He says. Every day, 100 billion messages pass through these platforms.

The Stories are being stunned when they are launched on Facebook, and they are experiencing strong growth, having already won over Instagram users. Result, " the flows will feed most of our growth over the next two years, at least until the Stories become an even bigger driver. "

More difficult monetization

Mark Zuckerberg, however, is far from burying the news feed as we know it … and for good reason, he is at the source of a good part of his income. " We are at the beginning of the development of advertising products for the Stories, so we do not generate as much revenue as with the newsfeed ", he explains.

Zuck also wants to develop the video. Their numbers are growing on the platform. Again, he recognizes that an economic model is complex to put in place. He takes the opportunity to make a foot call to creators of content. He promises that Facebook Watch makes it easier for them to build a community than ever before. He admits, however, that YouTube is still far ahead, not to mention the extent to which its own services are progressing.

Last strategic axis to finish with the reign of feed : what Zuckerberg called "communities". " We want to help people connect with people who share the same interests and to develop specific services to bring people together: help you find a date or work, buy or sell things, grow your business (…) ". Promising developments, according to him, like Marketplace. The Facebook version of the "Bon Coin" brings together 800 million users and has become, according to Zuckerberg, one of the most popular sites in the world to buy vehicles.

Facebook is fine

Despite a year rich in scandals, Facebook is fine. And lists 11% more users compared to the third quarter 2017. They are 2.3 billion to connect each month, including 1.5 billion daily. The turnover reached $ 13.7 billion over the last three months. That's 33% more than last year at the same time.


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