Facebook, the silent one for an answer

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Facebook is once again the protagonist of another disaster. The personal data of 533 million of its users around the world has been stolen and leaked in a hacker forum. In Spain, it affects 11 million accounts. It is about half of those in the country, according to data from The Social Media Family. If you are on the social network, there is a 50% chance that your name or phone number is available to criminals. In the company they seem not to understand what all the fuss is about. It happened in 2019 and we already fixed the problem! They are justified in their blog. Translation: the data has been on the black market to the highest bidder for years and is now free on top of it. So they must have thought that if they kept quiet, no one would find out.

This new scandal oozes irresponsibility. Come when it happens, a warning to the victims would have been nice. If they are able to create personalized ads, it shouldn’t cost them much to send an email. We have found out because the media have exposed the cowardly silence of the platform and have warned of the dangers. Worst of all, it is not the first time that Facebook has chosen to be quiet for an answer. Nor will it be the last.


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