Facebook to suspend Trump account for two years… White House: ‘He won’t change’

Former US President Donald Trump’s Facebook account in May. AFP = Yonhap News.

Facebook, the global social networking service (SNS), has decided to suspend the account of former U.S. President Donald Trump for two years.

According to foreign media, including the Associated Press, on the 4th (local time), Facebook announced that it would maintain the account suspension of former President Trump for at least two years.

Previously, Facebook suspended Trump’s account in connection with the unprecedented “congressional riot” in January. According to the decision, former President Trump will not be able to decide whether to return to his account until early 2023.

However, in early 2023, experts are expected to review the return of Trump’s account. “We will evaluate whether the risk to public safety has been reduced,” a Facebook spokesperson said.

Former US President Donald Trump.  AP = Yonhap News

Former US President Donald Trump. AP = Yonhap News

Former President Trump was permanently banned from Facebook as well as from Twitter, another social media site. He opened a blog called ‘At Donald Trump’s desk’ on the 4th of last month to promote communication, but it was closed on the 2nd. Regarding this, the Washington Post (WP) reported that “Ex-President Trump was outraged by the measly visitors and ordered the blog to be closed on the 1st.”

Trump’s response to Facebook’s decision was “an insult to the 75 million people who voted in the rigged 2020 election and to many others.” “You can’t let[Facebook]censor and silence you,” Trump said.

Meanwhile, the White House said Facebook is responsible for cracking down on disinformation on social media platforms where a lot of information is being spread regarding Facebook’s decision.

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White House press secretary Jen Saki said: “We have learned a lot about how President Trump has been using social media platforms over the past few years. I don’t feel like it, I will find out soon. It is interpreted to mean that even if the account is suspended for two years, it is unlikely that there will be any change in Trump’s words and actions.

Reporter Unchae Na na.unchae@joongang.co.kr