Facebook Users Between 2007 and 2022 Can Claim Compensation from Meta over Privacy Scandal

People who have used the social network Facebook in the last 16 years -that is to say, between 2007 and 2022– will be able to claim a part of the compensation that Meta agreed to pay.

Specifically, anyone in USA who has had an active Facebook account at any time since May 24, 2007 may request a fraction of the $725 million what Meta agreed to pay in the context of a scandal over the privacy of the users.

Users would receive a fraction of the money that meta decided to pay.

To do this, applicants must fill in an online form (at this site). Also, you can print it and send it by mail.

Although receiving money is something nice, the reason that led the technology giant to agree to this action is not so much.

The case dates back to the electoral campaign of the Republican candidate and later president of the United States, Donald Trump. As the Court was able to corroborate later, in 2016 at the company Cambridge Analytica -linked to the businessman’s political strategist, Steve Bannonand who supported his campaign- accessed data of at least 87 million users of the platform.

This information was used to identify the citizens doubters and persuade them in favor of a Republican vote.

Red social de Facebook.

The allegation came to light two years later, when Bannon’s payments to Facebook were revealed.

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The case became so important that it forced the director of the largest social media platform, Mark Zuckerberg, to sit in the dock and testify about the network’s security flaws.

This economic compensation was resolved on December 23 and became the largest deal ever achieved in a demand collective linked to data privacy in the United Statesas well as the most expensive Meta has ever paid in a case.

“This landmark settlement will provide plaintiffs significant relief in this novel and complex privacy case,” lead attorneys for plaintiffs Derek Loeser and Lesley Weaver stated at the time.

In any case, despite agreeing to the payment, Meta did not admit to having committed any crime. On the contrary, from the direction they stressed that they gave up “because it is the best for our community and our shareholders”.

On the other hand, since then the company commented that it had taken measures on data handling and privacy. For example, they have stopped allowing third parties to access user information through their friends. They have strengthened their ability to restrict and monitor how third parties acquire and use this data.

2023-06-05 15:50:15

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