Facebook viral: specialist makes a prosthesis to koala that was born without a leg

Triumph has become the first koala in the world to receive a prosthetic foot. The Australian animal was born without one of its limbs – with a stump and pad in its place. His story has moved users on Facebook.

According to his rescuers, the marsupial was found in 2017 by the Friends of the koala organization in New South Wales near his dying mother when he was 10 months old.

Triumph “slipped frequently and found himself hanging upside down after losing his balance.” Caregivers discovered that this malformation could be painful and began wrapping a sock around the stump.

Thanks to the support of Marley Christian, a veterinary nurse within the organization, the little one was able to start playing with his peers.

Dentist makes a prosthesis to koala that was born without a leg

“Once I put a little boot on him and he took a little jump, he was already running and jumping around. I actually cried, ”Marley said explaining how Triumph became a completely new koala once the prosthesis was fitted.

An American company specializing in animal prosthetics tried to create a leg for the marsupial, but was unsuccessful after several attempts.

Eventually, Christian found an answer near his home. The dental prosthesis specialist Jon Doulman He had heard about this dilemma and volunteered to take over the case.

The resulting prosthesis was pink in color, with a velcro strap to help keep it on Triumph’s leg and a tread at the bottom to help hold on while walking and climbing.



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