Facebook whistleblower launches NGO to make social media healthier

Engineer and ex-Facebook employee Frances Haugen, who last year leaked embarrassing internal documents for the social media giant, announced on Thursday the launch of an organization to clean up social media.

titled “Beyond the Screen” (“Beyond the Screen“), this NGO “will focus on concrete solutions to help users regain control of their social media experience“said the whistleblower in a statement.

Take control of your use of platforms

Its goal is to give users “solutions tangibles“to help them take control of their use of the platforms.”Social networks can allow us to give our best, and this is what Beyond the Screen will work on“, she added.

According to the press release, the organization will create an open source database to document the legal and ethical breaches of major platforms and identify solutions.

Frances Haugen made a name for herself a year ago by leaking more than 20,000 pages of internal Facebook documents, and hammering before various parliaments that the social network put profits before the safety of its users.