Facebook will delete profile data on December 1

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Mexico City / 29.11.2022 18:35:18

Facebook, one of the social networks with the most users worldwide has just announced an important change in order to improve the experience of all those who use the platform. In your next updateMeta will remove some data from Internet users’ profiles.

For some years some rules have been applied in the social network so that users have a pleasant browsing experienceeven blocks or permanent elimination of those accounts that do not respect the community rules of the application were added.

Facebook has launched a campaign to remove anti-vaccine groups.  (AFP)

Facebook. (AFP)

In order to continue to improve the user experience, META announced that certain information will be removed from user profiles starting next Thursday, December 1.

Religion, Interests, Political Preferences and Sexual Orientation are the fields that will be removed from user profiles with the new update since the company considers that placing this public information It can be considered as a violation of privacy.

It should be noted that adding said information has always remained optional, so it will be a measure that does not affect one hundred percent of its users. In the meantime, the basic data of the users will remain intact.

This change will also help new users spend less time filling in information and can enjoy shared content on Facebook faster.