Facebook will now be called Meta

MADRID (Portaltic / EP) – Facebook has shared this Thursday in the framework of its Facebook Connect 2021 event more details about the metaverse, the virtual environment where people can be present in digital spaces, which will be the basis for the creation of a new economic ecosystem of digital goods, and that will be developed under the new brand identity of the company, Meta.

The CEO of the company, Mark Zuckerberg, has spoken about the different experiences that will await the users of the metaverse, which will be made possible by the feeling of presence, of being really present with the rest of the people in a virtual room, and not only in front of a screen, as is the case today.

This sense of presence will be supported by a series of elements, such as the virtual space, provided by solutions such as Horizon Home, Horizon World or Horizon Rooms; an avatar, which more than an image will be a living three-dimensional representation of the user, capable of reproducing their gestures and facial expressions, and with customization possibilities; and elements to decorate the virtual space.