Faced with criticism and good friendships: Emily responds to what living together in Gamma was like | Famous

One of the most complicated tests when arriving at the Challenge is coexistence, since many factors within the competition depend on this, among them the strength of a team since communication is a key factor in finding an order and a strategy that provides a large number of victories within each Box.

Although the participants arrive with the mentality of making their own game or not creating friendships or simply depending on themselves, little by little they end up understanding that it is something impossible for Super Humans, who always depend not only on their performance, but on that of others. the members of their houses. That is why one of the things that they should pay more attention to is to focus on communication so that their strength lies in knowing how to talk about things.
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A faithful example of this was Emily, who was part of Gamma, in two rounds, and Alpha, in which she was related to various personalities and with whom she went through quite complicated moments cycle by cycle, since it must be recognized that the Amazonian faced a large number of days without eating, without services, without well-being and with punishments that definitely forged their way of being and competing.

With berraquera and courage, this former participant wore the orange uniform and lived with two types of companions, the first a little calmer, passive and resigned, with whom he best struck up a friendship, however, for the second stage in this house it was seen face with strong criticism due to her performance on each of the tracks, since on several occasions she was pointed out as being the cause of the losses. That is why she tells us how she lived these moments, the companions with whom she least related, her tension in her house and those friends who marked her during her time in the City of Boxes .
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Another of the things that marked her time at Gamma, a team she was with for most of her participation, was her friendship with Maleja, who was like an older sister to her, since she was in charge of supporting her during the tests, since his shouts to encourage her became like a brand. That is why the Amazonian tells us how all this mutual affection for her arose, something that made her spirits not be lost and she could continue with her head held high.

Loved by some, criticized by others, Emily talks about those details that marked her time in the City of Boxes, since she was seen as weak by some, while her agility was praised by others. Maleja, Leticiano, Otoniel, Duván and Porto are some of the names that she has kept in a special place in her heart.