Faced with criticism, Elio Di Rupo reminds everyone that they are doing their utmost in this period of crisis: “9 health ministers? No, only one: De Block! ”

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Do you find deconfinement too fast?

It is decided step by step by the National Security Council where I sit, based on the reports of experts. Between them and us, relationships are
                        respectful, in a great mutual listening. There are sometimes strong pressures from the business world and there are experts who are very cautious because they fear a renewed epidemic. We are too. It would be catastrophic to have to go back. The Council listens to everyone, especially the experts, because health remains the priority.

Can we no longer continue with 9 health ministers?

The coordination goes very well and then there is only a min
                        Health Minister, Maggie De Block, step 9! At our level of power, we received health prevention. We also have a responsibility in nursing homes, but it does not extend to health care (…) Rather than saying: “it is the fault of the other”, let us have a responsible attitude: everyone does the maximum in a new situation.

Tracing, the situation in homes, deconfinement: find here an interview with Elio Di Rupo.



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