Faced with monkeypox, should Belgians be vaccinated? “We have a very large strategic stock”

Is the Covid epidemic over? This was the question addressed to Frank Vandenbroucke this Sunday on the set of the RTL show. “We must remain vigilant. It is likely that there will still be waves. It would be amazing if there were no more waves“, judges the minister. According to him, it is necessary to continue to work on the measures which slow down the spread of the Covid and to prepare everything that can happen. The socialist does not rule out a return of the mask and the CST in the fall . “We must avoid a brutal confinement“, he underlines however.

The cases of monkey pox identified in Belgium were also discussed. “If people have symptoms, go to the emergency services“, recalled the minister, adding that there was, at the present time, no reason to be worried. Frank Vandenbroucke returned to the number of cases within the homosexual community. “It’s a coincidence, the virus does not make a difference between homosexual or heterosexual”, he clarifies. The circles concerned have, however, been warned.

The traditional vaccine protects”

, also indicated Frank Vandenbroucke, adding that monkey pox is much less serious than Covid. So, should everyone be vaccinated? The balance of advantages and disadvantages of vaccination does not yet suggest this, according to the minister. “

We have a very important strategic stock against traditional smallpox”,

he notes, however, without giving the number of doses available. Frank Vandenbroucke also assured that discussions were underway with a pharmaceutical firm, at European level, for the possible purchase of new vaccines against monkeypox.

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“There are 4 people currently infected. It is certain that there will be more, but not an explosion“, reassured the socialist.

Frank Vandenbroucke was then confronted with the testimony of a caregiver who made the decision to leave his profession, like many other people within the profession whom the pandemic has exhausted. In response, he indicated that wages were going to be revalued thanks to investments which he considers “consequent” but “not sufficient”.

“We must start the discussion on a new agenda for the future of this sector to develop actions”he finally assured.