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FACh carries out voting process in air base located in Antarctica

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Millions of Chileans have gone to the polls to exercise their right to vote in the plebiscite that takes place this Sunday, October 25. Tables have been set up throughout the national territory to carry out this constituent process.

This was evidenced by the Chilean Air Force (FACh) this Sports Dome of the Air Base located in Antarctica, where personnel of the institution have attended to exercise their right to vote.

As can be seen in the video shared by the FACh on social networks, in that territory the corresponding health measures due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mandatory mask, individual blue paste pencil and physical distancing, are part of the protocols to follow and which are also applied in the Base President Eduardo Frei Montalva.

Thousands of Chileans who are abroad have also participated in this historical event. According to Servel, in 65 countries around the world, those compatriots will be able to vote for the plebiscite, which has already concluded in New Zealand and Australia.

As in the base located in Antarctica, personnel of the V Air Brigade of FACh have also carried out their suffrage process.


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