“Factors Affecting Motorcycle Insurance Premium: Know Before You Buy”

But also, in the event of an accident, we will be responsible for personal or material damage that may be caused to third parties due to traffic. And if it ends up in court, they will not have the legal defense included, so they would have to pay the fees of lawyers and attorneys involved. Not to mention that it could lead to prison terms, in addition to the accident, for not being able to compensate the victims.

Taking into account the consequences of driving without motorcycle insurance, it is clear that the best way is to follow the law and hire one. But, now comes the interesting thing, when it comes to doing so, 8 out of 10 motorists have significant doubts about the factors that influence the price of the motorcycle insurance they are going to hire. It is because of that AMV He has sent us an explanatory note, listing the factors that make motorcycle insurance cheaper. This factor is very important to take into account today.

Thus, Monica Galeradeputy director general of AMV stated: “It is not easy to determine, a priori, an average price for motorcycle insurance, since this is conditioned by many factors. Insurance companies use the so-called scoring mechanism, with which they obtain the risk profile of each user and vehicle and, despite the fact that the case of each user and vehicle is unique, there are some factors that affect the calculation of the motorcycle insurance premium.”

2023-05-27 20:04:05

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