FACTS Alleged Sexual Harassment at SPI School in Batu City: 3 Victims Reported, Owner’s Denies

TRIBUNNEWS.COM – The news of alleged sexual harassment by the owner of the Selamat Pagi Indonesia (SPI) school in Batu City, East Java has become a public spotlight.

This news was first revealed by the General Chairperson of the National Commission for Child Protection (PA), Arist Merdeka Sirait on Saturday (29/5/2021).

At that time, Arist reported the owner of the school with the initials JE to the East Java Police for allegedly committing sexual crimes against more than 25 students.

Unfortunately, the action is allegedly carried out repeatedly during the student’s schooling until graduation.

Recently, the East Java Police have formed a special team to follow up on this alleged act of sexual harassment.

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The East Java Police will also prepare psychological treatment for traumatized victims.

This allegation of sexual harassment also received direct attention from the Mayor of Batu, Dewanti Rumpoko.

He admitted that he would meet with the school until the victim to find out for sure.

On the other hand, SPI’s attorney, Recky Bernadus Surupandy, denied any harassment by his client, JE.

Nevertheless, his party will comply with all existing legal processes to jointly reveal the truth.