Facundo Campazzo will continue playing in the NBA and will sign a contract with the Dallas Mavericks

Facundo Campazzo, base and figure of the Argentine basketball team, arrived in the last hours of yesterday in the city of Dallas to soon sign the contract that will link him with the Mavericks during the next season in the NBA.

Sources close to the highest basketball category worldwide cited that the 31-year-old player from Cordoba will sign an agreement “for one season, between “Monday (today) and Tuesday (tomorrow)” according to what was said.

Campazzo hails from the Denver Nuggets, where he enlisted for the past two seasons before becoming a free agent.

The former Real Madrid base will complete – before signing the contract that will join him to the discipline led by DT Jason Kidd – “the physical exam” of rigor to be included in the list of fifteen basketball players who will defend the “Mavs” jersey during the next campaign.

In the Texan franchise, Campazzo will once again share a team with the Slovenian star Luka Doncic, who was also a member of the Spanish squad between 2015-2018.

For his part, the Argentine pivot Marcos Delía intervened in the victory of his team, BC Wolves, against Pieno Zvaigdes, by 76 to 69, in a match corresponding to the fifth date of the Lithuanian League.