Failure for Grisso after a huge drama at the start in Madrid

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Grigor Dimitrov lost 3: 6, 6: 3, 6: 7 (5: 7) to South African Lloyd Harris in a match of the first round of the tennis tournament in Madrid. The match was the first between the two and the first for the Bulgarian after his loss to Rafael Nadal with 1: 6, 1: 6 at the tournament in Monte Carlo in mid-April, after which it became clear that he suffers from toothache and missed appearances in Barcelona and Estoril.

The match started with an opportunity for a breakthrough for Grigor, but the Bulgarian did not take advantage, after which he struggled with his serve due to a series of bad kick-offs, but still took his 1: 1. The game continued game by game, with neither of them having a chance to break through until the eighth game. Grigor cracked in it, and then his opponent took the pass for 6: 3.

The second set also did not start in the best way for the Bulgarian, who allowed a breakthrough for 1: 2, but then immediately returned it and strengthened, leading 3: 2 after a game to zero. A new breakthrough followed for Dimitrov, who took the lead with 5: 2, after consolidating it. However, Harris did not give up and took his pass for 3: 5, but Grigor finished it in the next game for 6: 3. At the end of the second set, Grigor’s opponent sought medical help because of a back problem.

However, the injury had no effect on Harris’ game in the third set and the South African saved himself from a 2: 1 break at 40:15 in favor of Grisho. Then things became even worse for the Bulgarian, he made a breakthrough for 1: 3 and fell behind by 1: 4 after a successful service game for Harris. Dimitrov reached two opportunities for a breakthrough at 4: 2 for the opponent, but did not take advantage, and Harris touched the victory at 5: 2 in his favor. Grisso survived in three match points and reduced his gap to 3: 5, broke the opponent for 4: 5, and then reached 5: 5. The drama depended even more when the South African regained his lead with a game to zero for 6: 5, but Grigor retaliated with the same and scored the match in a tiebreak at 6: 6.

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And there the result went point for point, until Grisho cracked at 3: 3 and fell behind with 3: 6. Dimitrov still returned the intrigue for 5: 6, but lost the match after 5: 7 in the tiebreak.

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