Fake corona vaccination passports also appeared in BW – SWR Aktuell

Criminals try to make money with fake corona vaccination passports – also in Baden-Württemberg. The State Criminal Police Office warns against posting vaccination records on social networks.

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A full corona vaccination could soon give more freedom again. The vaccination certificate serves as proof of the vaccination – practically as an admission ticket to the next event. This prospect also attracts criminals who try to make money from forged vaccination certificates. Experts even fear that the more freedom that vaccinations allow, the greater the willingness to make illegal offers.

Such blank vaccination books are now being traded for up to 200 euros on the Darknet and on messenger services – and they recently appeared in Baden-Württemberg. The entry in the vaccination card looks real and yet the people have never received the attested corona vaccination.

Fake corona vaccination card does not offer any protection

The Baden-Württemberg State Criminal Police Office (LKA) is alarmed by this development. Criminal director Oliver Hoffmann, a specialist in white-collar crime, told the SWR that further cases must be expected. He warned that a forged corona vaccination card did not offer any protection against infection. Forgery of a document is in itself a criminal offense and the use of forgery can lead to further criminal offenses.

Anyone who, for example, gains access to cinema or theater performances with such a fake vaccination pass and is then Corona-positive could infect many people. If it becomes known, you are guilty of bodily harm, explained Hoffmann.

“Here I can only point out clearly that anyone who sells or acquires such passports is liable to prosecution. This is no trivial offense.”

Oliver Hoffmann, criminal director at the LKA

Digital vaccination certificate is probably not forgery-proof either

In connection with the forgeries that have occurred, the Ministry of Health in Stuttgart also refers to the digital vaccination pass that is currently being discussed. How vaccination certificates should be checked for authenticity has not yet been clarified. Even the state commissioner for data protection, Stefan Brink, does not see the announced digital vaccination certificate as a cure for the falsifications that have occurred – at least not so far.

“Often the digital vaccination passports simply use the analogue entries as a basis and these are of course just as susceptible to forgery as with the analogue vaccination passport. There is no real security procedure that makes the digital vaccination passport forgery-proof,” explained Brink in the SWR. With better preparation, it could be better for future pandemics. For the current vaccination campaign, however, he feared that the vaccination certificates could not really be relied on.

Do not post vaccination records on social networks

The data protection officer and the LKA investigator agree on one thing: Anyone who has been vaccinated against Corona should under no circumstances post their entry in the vaccination pass on social networks. Because what is good news for many could become a template for forgeries in this way, warns the State Criminal Police Office.

We know from previous cases that some perpetrators have made these posts their own on social media and then read out information there about the vaccination batches and the vaccination locations. This information could then be used for the forgeries, said LKA criminal director Hoffmann.