fake cynic or real reaction?

He made his theater debut in a play by Sébastien Thiery. But we have also seen him, lately, put on a show in a gala for the far-right weekly “Valeurs Actuelles”. Comedian Gaspard Proust annoys and divides.

We knew that Gaspard Proust was a formidable showman with voluble but precise phrasing. We discover it as a beginner actor. Alongside two seasoned actors (Jean-Luc Moreau and Brigitte Catillon), the artist takes his first steps on stage in a play he did not write. Featured in Tomorrow the revenge, he tries the jump towards comedy thanks to a role of composition conceived to measure by the author Sébastien Thiery. And shows himself in this collective exercise less convincing than when he occurs solo.

Nothing destined for the stage this humorist whose first job was to watch over the financial fortunes. Ex-wealth manager, Gaspard Proust (real name Gasper Pust) traded money for art, better in tune with his rebellious temperament. More keen on insolence than propriety, he has a taste for risk-taking and is used to life changes. Born in 1976 in Slovenia, he left this country of the former Yugoslavia in 1982 to go to Algeria where his father, a salesman, came to work. He learned French there and found himself witness to the civil war which, in 1991, opposed the government to the Islamist movements. In 1994, new move. The family settled in Aix-en-Provence where the student obtained his baccalaureate before going to Lausanne – he has Swiss nationality. A graduate of HEC, he does not linger long in the banks. In 2006, he wrote his first solo performance, Emotionally underdeveloped, and metamorphoses into a scathing mountebank. Is right. Gaspard Proust tapine (2011), New Show (2016) et Last Show (2021): in a handful of years and only three shows, he imposes his voice, his style and his talent.