Onelio Hipolit-Gonzalez promised that he could diagnose diabetes, cancer and other diseases by holding people with a metal rod in conjunction with a beeping machine, according to Florida police.

After telling people that they had life-threatening illnesses, the police promised Hipolit-Gonzalez had promised to cure them for a price, Fox13 said.

The 73-year-old Brooksville man was arrested on Thursday because the police set him up as a doctor – and promised to cure a person's diabetes by draining their blood and returning it to the bloodstream, as reported by Fox13.

The sheriff's office of the Hernando district accused him of acting as a doctor without a license and using a device to facilitate a crime.

The police say that a covert detective has arranged a meeting with Hipolit-Gonzalez, who applies as a doctor on the Elclassificado website, which according to WFLA targets the Hispanic community.

The Florida Department of Health said the man called himself a doctor on the site, WFLA reported, but he had no permission to practice in the state.

When the covert deputy arrived on Thursday, he had to pay $ 160 before the appointment began, the police said. Hipolit-Gonzalez then promised to test the man for "everything" and had him hold a metal rod attached to a machine, the police told the WFLA.

Hipolit-Gonzalez told the MP that the machine that made the noise said he had "50 percent fat in the liver," "his gallbladder was not healthy," and that he had other problems like diabetes and high cholesterol, the police said aloud WTSP.

"Hipolit-Gonzalez then told the patient that he had previously cured the owner of the house (which they used) of his diabetes," a police spokesman said, according to WTSP. "He never identified the owner, but called him quickly to receive his testimony."

For $ 2,000, the man offered a treatment plan to "cure" the MEP's diabetes, according to Fox13. He told the covert officer that he would take some blood – and then put it back in his body, police said. He promised this treatment "fights" diabetes, police said.

Denise Moloney, a spokeswoman for Hernando's sheriff's office, told the WFLA that this was a "very unusual" case.

"Basically, he takes people's money and tells them he'll heal them," she told the WFLA. "For the first time, I've heard of something like that."

The police say they arrested the man during the "medical appointment".

When asked if he had any medical education, training or background, Hipolit-Gonzalez stated that he was a laboratory technician in Cuba. When he moved to Florida, he went to school to receive a certificate in iridology, herbalism and nutrition. "Police say after WTSP.

Meanwhile, he was released on bail, according to the occupant booking.



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