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Fake Oxygen Allegedly Filled with Air Compressor Patched Tires Found in Tulungagung : Okezone Nasional

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TULUNGAGUNG – A number of oxygen-filled tube fakes were found in Tulungagung Regency, East Java. This fake oxygen cylinder worries traders and breeders decorative fish who often use the oxygen in sending packages of ornamental fish outside the area.

A member of the Sol Koi breeder group in Tulungagung, Alipin (35) said that his party became aware of the fake oxygen after a number of the fish died when they were about to be shipped.

“We realized that the oxygen we got (purchased) was fake after the fish in the plastic bag filled with air from the oxygen cylinder died, only a few minutes after filling it,” he said, Wednesday (21/6/2021).

According to him, some of his Koi fish died within 15 minutes because they ran out of oxygen after being packed. At that time, he filled two plastic bags with koi fish and found some of them gasping for air due to lack of oxygen.

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“We then tested the black tube that we suspected contained fake oxygen with real oxygen,” he said.

The trick, he continued, was to put the air from the two oxygen cylinders in a plastic bag. Then, the bag containing the original oxygen immediately burned when ignited while the one containing the fake oxygen did not burn at all.

“If it is burned, it is very clear,” he said.

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Another difference is the tube temperature. The fake oxygen in the black tube was noticeably warmer than the real oxygen.

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When inhaled, the original oxygen feels fresher. The fake oxygen is like ordinary air. He suspected that the black canister containing fake oxygen was filled with ordinary air from a tire compressor engine.

Alpin said that he bought the oxygen at a fairly high price. “I usually get Rp. 25 thousand, I get around Rp. 100 thousand,” he said.

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Initially there were three oxygen cylinders. Of the three tubes, he bought one tube. Two tubes are planned to be used for sick people. “As soon as he found out that the tube he just got from a Pacitan person was fake, he immediately told his friend so that the oxygen tube that was brought was not used (for humans / sick people),” he said.

The circulation of fake oxygen occurred in the midst of oxygen scarcity since the attack of the Covid-19 pandemic increased again along with the spread of the delta variant of Covid-19.

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Koi breeders and traders depend on the availability of oxygen to send live fish outside the area, even outside the island, having difficulty getting fresh air raw materials due to the high demand for oxygen for medical purposes.

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