Anthony Mackie, performer of the role of the Falcon in the cinema universe Marvel, said that the series “Falcon and Winter Soldier” It feels like a six-hour movie.

Maki said that after the outbreak of the coronavirus, the production of the project in Europe was very quickly turned off – it was an unusual experience for the actor, since the shooting of Marvel films usually goes as long as necessary – the budget allows such a luxury.

The actor added that the filming itself practically did not differ in level from a full-fledged tape, and almost all team members noted that they had never worked on a series of such a level, even if only from the technical side. The project budget is rumored to be $ 150 million.

Maki also spoke about the racial issue in Marvel projects – although the actor has long been embarrassed that mainly white people work around him, he believes that producers still need to set themselves the goal of “hiring the best employee”, regardless of their skin color and gender .

The premiere of the project should take place at Disney+ in August, however, due to delays in production, it may be postponed.

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