Fall Guys: Free For All llega a Xbox

Get ready to read a series of good news about Fall Guys in one post!

We’ve got new Rounds, costumes, Season Pass merchandise, and more in our Free for All Season Update available today on Xbox.

Play with me

Free for All on Xbox is designed to be played together. It does not matter if you play on an Xbox One, Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S console, you will be able to play Fall Guys with gameplay and cross-progress starting today.

In short, if you have an Xbox console, you can play wherever and with whomever you want. As long as you and your friends have linked your Epic accounts to Fall Guys, they will be able to play together using the “Invite Players” function. Don’t worry if you or other people haven’t linked their accounts yet, when you start the game they will see a notification to do so.

new rounds

We love new rounds and we know you do too. This mix of new rounds contains more obstacles and challenges than any of our previous updates.

Check it out:

Hex-A-Ring: Forget Hex-A-Gone, this is Hex-A-Ring. Here the floor rotates completely, try to keep your balance by jumping from tile to tile. If possible!

Volleyfall: It’s like volleyball mixed with the game “the floor is lava”. If the ball hits the ground in your field, the other team will have an advantage. So, DO NOT let it bounce. Instead, have the ball hit the ground on their side of the court.

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Speed ​​circuit: We feel the need for speed. That’s why we added it.


The rounds are nothing without a few obstacles to test even the bravest of Beans. These are some of the new rounds coming to Free for All.

Blast Ball: Time is ticking, the Explosive Balls are like grenades that activate when you pick them up. So “delegate” quickly, before you get blown up!

Jump Rope: Jump Rope is one of the most fun obstacles we’ve ever had at Blunderdome. Get ready to jump, jump and fly through the sand!

Bouncy Floors: Floors where you can bounce. It can be fun, but also a bit complicated…

New Season Pass!

Blunderdome is nothing without disguises, emotes, celebrations and more. The Free for All Season Pass on Xbox is packed with all of that and more. Explore 100 levels of progression and get rewards from the gods of candy in Fall Guys.

Tip: If you max out the Free for All Season Pass, you’ll also unlock the next season’s Season Pass early, at least that’s what we hear…

If you don’t decide on the Season Pass on Xbox, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in the free progression track and get fun unlockable content options. We never leave a Bean behind!

We are absolutely THRILLED to welcome new Xbox players to Fall Guys! Don’t forget, if you’re an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate member, you’ll get the adorable Robo Rabbit costume this month, plus another free costume in July and August through the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Perks program!

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For all the latest news, including event release dates and limited-time costumes, follow us on our official Twitter accounts. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and TikTok. Share your antics and doubts on the official Fall Guys Discord.

See you in the arena, Xbox Beans!