Fall hair loss prepared by Rogainform!

Reduced amount of sunlight in autumn

Increased male hormone’testosterone’ increases hair’rest period’

The main reason why hair loss in the fall season is worse is that the secretion of testosterone, the male hormone, is temporarily increased due to the decrease in sunlight. Testosterone is converted into a substance called’DHT (dihydrotestosterone’) by a special enzyme called ‘5-α’ in the human body, which shortens the period of hair growth and reduces the size of hair follicles. The addition of dry weather and a large daily temperature difference makes hair loss worse.

Hair goes through the process of growing, resting, and degenerative. It is normal for dozens of hairs to fall out a day because the hair grows for a certain period of time, stops, falls out, and repeats the new growth process. However, if more than 100 hairs are lost a day, you should suspect hair loss, and approach it with the concept of’treatment’ where the hair comes directly, not as a preventive measure.

Hair loss, real treatment of hair’don’t fall out’ and’grow new’

According to the results of a survey, three out of 10 adult males in Korea are suffering from hair loss. However, there are not many hair loss patients who effectively treat and manage hair loss. As a result of the survey, it was found that 4 out of 10 adult men (about 41%) suffering from hair loss use hair care products such as hair loss shampoo or soap to manage hair loss.

The indicators that can be used to evaluate whether hair loss is treated are’not to lose hair’ and’to grow new hair’. However, most of the people who suffer from hair loss are often mistaken for the fact that their hair does not thin and does not fall out any more. For this reason, hair loss shampoos and the like are commonly used for hair loss management, but this is not an appropriate management or treatment method. According to the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, a hair loss shampoo has not been verified for its medical efficacy and effectiveness in preventing or treating hair loss, but rather, it may cause hair loss if it is not washed off with water after using a hair shampoo. do.

Promotes hair follicle growth as a treatment applied directly to the hair loss area… Convenience foam formulation, etc.

Hair loss treatments that have the effect of promoting hair growth include applied treatments (minoxidil ingredients) and oral treatments to be eaten.

The applied treatment of minoxidil is a method that is applied directly to the area where hair loss is progressing, and acts directly on the hair follicle and absorbs it quickly, preventing the hair follicle from shrinking and promoting growth. Most of all, it is one of the treatments that users can select and use more easily because they can be purchased at pharmacies.

The treatment to be applied is divided into foam (foam) type and liquid type depending on the formulation. The method of applying directly to the hair follicle is the same, but the foam (bubble) type is absorbed more quickly than the liquid type, there is no dripping, and less skin irritation, so the user’s convenience and compliance are high. In addition, it dries quickly and has less hair clumping, so it is easy to use during busy work hours. The convenience of using a hair loss treatment that should be used consistently every day is one of the very important factors. According to a consumer survey of’Rogain Foam’, the first US FDA-approved Minoxidil original brand and a representative foam-formed hair loss treatment, 9 out of 10 cited fast absorption without flowing as a reason for choosing a foam formulation.

The reason why the user convenience of a hair loss treatment agent is so important is that it can be used continuously. Hair loss treatment does not appear to be effective in a short period of time, so you need to be patient and consistently treat it. The effect of the actual hair loss treatment appears 16 weeks after the start of treatment, and if the use of an external agent is stopped, the treatment effect disappears within about 6 months, and the hair loss progresses again. Therefore, it is important not to give up just because it does not work in a short period of time, and it is important to continue treatment steadily for more than 4 months.


Rogain (ingredient: minoxidil) is an original brand that has been approved by the US FDA for the first time among hair growth drugs, and there is a form-type rogain foam that is applied in Korea. With one 5% rogain foam, both men and women can easily treat foam at home, regardless of gender, and it dries quickly without flowing. Hair styling is also possible without clumping, so it is easy to use during busy work hours and daily life. Rogain Foam is applied directly to the hair follicle where the hair should grow, and is absorbed 5 times higher in the hair follicle to promote hair growth and restore new hair to long and thick. In addition, since it is applied directly to the hair loss area, side effects such as itchiness and itching have been reduced by lowering the systemic absorption rate. 12,13,14 Rogain Foam can be purchased directly from pharmacies without visiting a hospital. https://www.rogaine.co.kr


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