Falling Marslander records sound of meteorite impact | Tech

The InSight Marslander has recorded the sound of a meteorite impact on Mars. The recording comes as a surprise, because the Marslander will soon fail due to a power shortage.

The American space agency NASA has placed the sound recording, which lasts a total of eleven seconds, on SoundCloud. Three sound peaks can be heard in the recording.

The first peak is when the meteorite enters the Martian atmosphere, followed by a second peak where the meteorite breaks into pieces. The third peak in the audio clip is the meteorite impact on Mars.

The InSight lander landed on Mars in 2018. The lander has been investigating tremors in the Martian surface.

In May of this year, the lander recorded the strongest Marsquake. It had a magnitude of 5. The InSight lander has recorded more than 1,300 Marsquakes since landing in 2018.

The fact that the InSight lander has registered the sound of a meteorite impact is unexpectedly fortunate. A dust storm has covered the solar panels of the Marslander with a layer of dust. As a result, he gets less and less energy and will soon be permanently out.