Fallout 76 BETA continues with impressive maj and friends codes

Fallout 76 BETA continues with impressive maj and friends codes

Fallout 76 adds two dates for its B.E.T.A and allows you to invite friends on your journey. But before that, we'll have to do a 'little' update.

As Fallout 76's B.E.T.A breathed its last breath yesterday, Bethesda revives it for two last dates. Ideal if you have not yet set foot in this post-apocalyptic West Virginia teeming with ghouls.

Cherry on the Radcafard, you do not need to chase the super mutant alone anymore. Bethesda offers you the possibility ofinvite up to three friends to join you. To do this, nothing simpler, just connect to his Bethesda account to find the valuable codes nested in the transaction history.

However before taking, or resuming your trip, you will have to take your trouble and pay for an update that promises a good amount of adjustments, on which Bethesda will communicate later. In any case this is what we hope, since the latter weighs the trifle of 38GB while the B.E.T.A is originally about 93 GB, which is not nothing.

See you tomorrow and Thursday for the last sessions of B.E.T.A, before you can embark on the final version on November 14 on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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