Fallout 76 players give out free medicine inspired by coronavirus doctors

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One of the best things about MMOs is how their players break the rules of the game to recreate situations not foreseen by the developers but that reflect the humanity behind the game characters. Let’s see recently how Final Fantasy XIV The community joins a processional march that serves as a funeral for a player recently deceased by coronavirus.

The pandemic caused by COVID-19 has also reached Fallout 76, although not in the form of viruses precisely: some Bethesda MMO players have started an altruistic initiative that consists of distribute medicines in-game completely free or at a reduced price compared to the stores of Fallout 76.

“Our group offers medical resources, either free or at an extreme discount compared to the prices of the economy in-game

This solidarity action is led by the player‌ VivaciousPassion, who founded a non-profit group within the game called Responders Retaliation (somewhat like guerilla volunteers) who is in charge of bring medicine to other players who need it, either because they have little money, or because they are rookies Engaged in a mission where they are running out of resources.

Any Fallout 76 player can join the Responders Retaliation Facebook group, tell their case, and ask volunteers for help in receiving their medicine ration.

The founder of this initiative, VivaciousPassion, explains that the inspiration to create this virtual solidarity action arises directly from the work of health professionals who are fighting against the coronavirus putting their health at risk: “These doctors have been doing a terrific job controlling the crisis and we have admiration for them. Our group offers medical resources, either free, or at an extreme discount compared to the economy price. in-game.

The long-awaited second life of the Bethesda MMO

Fallout 76 it is the post-apocalyptic MMO developed by Bethesda. Your last update, Wastelanders, seeks to recover the game from a bad reputation that has been earned with a series of creative decisions that have thrown back fans of the saga: with this free patch NPCs have been added, new cities have been created and a new narrative plot has been established that shapes the new MMO story arc.



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