False Claims About Green Bean Virus Cause Panic Among Citizens

Several people have recently posted and shared audio recordings, via the fast messaging app, claiming that green beans contain a dangerous virus and asking citizens not to buy or consume them.

This, according to them, because two people would have died in the city of Khouribga, following a meal of green beans! Other people have claimed that these fruits (note, considered to be vegetables by the majority of people) also contain toxic insecticides, dangerous for human health.

In these alarming words, the president of the Moroccan Association for Consumer Protection and Orientation (AMPOC) told Le Site info that these false allegations about the virus that would affect green beans are completely unfounded, while deploring that such rumors are commonplace, peddled by individuals in search of sensation or ephemeral virtual “celebrity”.

Bouazza El Kharrati also clarified that “everything that is herbal cannot be the cause of the transmission of a virus to humans”, asserting that those who spread these rumors “know nothing about it, neither in viruses, nor in vegetables and fruits”.

And to continue: “If we suppose that a field would have been treated with a chemical product, but that we would not have respected the percentage of quantity allowed, and that said field would contain 500 kg of green beans, of which each family would have bought only one, the deaths would be numerous. Which means that all that has been peddled as alarming rumors has no relation to reality”.

Just as the President of AMPOC strongly insisted that it is high time for justice to intervene against these criminal peddlers of fake news, concerning the green bean virus in particular, because these ominous birds contribute to the creation of fear and panic in Morocco, as they greatly harm the good quality of the national product.

Larbi Alaoui

2023-05-31 15:17:43

#virus #green #beans