Technology False prescription scams are increasing in France

False prescription scams are increasing in France


Authorities note an increase in trafficking in drugs sold abroad, in addition to the treatment of patients dependent on painkillers.

It’s not always easy for pharmacists to spot scams.
It’s not always easy for pharmacists to spot scams. 244059793 / Jacob Lund –

Fake prescriptions alert: In mid-December, the national gendarmerie warned of the increase in illegal procurement of very expensive drugs using secure prescriptions stolen from a Paris hematology department. "A person generally presents himself under his real identity in a pharmacy with a fake prescription at the head of Tenon hospital (Paris) (…), with a view to handing them over to a sponsor for remuneration", indicated the note distributed to pharmacists. Among the drugs stolen, we find Tagrisso, used against certain lung cancers (6000 euros per box) and Vosevi, treatment against hepatitis C (12.382 euros per box). An extremely lucrative scam. All at the taxpayer's expense.

"The development of criminal activity around these drugs started in 2015, accelerated in 2017", reports Éric Bayle, head of the "strategy and analysis" division at the Central Office for Combating Environmental Damage

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