Fameck. A Thionvillois caught looting the site of the future Lidl store

Sunday, September 25, it is 2:45 p.m. when a police patrol circulating near the construction site of the future Lidl store in Fameck comes face to face with a man who is trying to fit two-meter rails into his Clio. In his vehicle, therefore, rails but also sheaths and 5-litre cans of solvent from the neighboring site. The defendant admits having stolen them. But the story does not end there. The police officers will have other surprises when they search the home of this 33-year-old Thionvillois. In the cellar, they discover other elements stolen from the construction site and intended, according to the father of the family, for the renovation of his house. And, more surprisingly, they come across 500 grams of herbal cannabis as well as an automatic pistol ready to be used, acquired by the owner of the premises in April 2022. At the helm of the Thionville Criminal Court, he explains that he was the subject of a kidnapping, to have been sequestered for six hours and to be afraid, specifying that a complaint had been filed. Complaint that was not on file.

“Multi-Card Delinquent”

“A magazine was engaged in the weapon which was found at your home. It was enough to press the trigger for the shot to go, ”worries the president, Philippe Rousseau. “I don’t know anything about firearms. I didn’t even know it was loaded, ”replies the defendant limply. He says he was forced by his attackers to store and sell herbal cannabis. He says he sold 50g and refused to continue. “I am not a drug dealer! “, he launches. Driven by debts, the car salesman “obviously was looking for money by all means”, estimates the prosecutor Brice Partouche, requesting from the “multi-card offender” eight months of imprisonment, four of which accompanied by probation. The repeat offender who apologized at the hearing was sentenced to more: ten months, four of which were suspended.