Famel has a new version of the mythical XF-17 model

Do you remember Famel, the Portuguese brand that revolutionized the 70s, 80s and 90s with its motorcycles? Get ready, because you’re back. The mythical XF-17 model now exists in a new 100% electric and, of course, 100% Portuguese version – but its arrival on the market will depend on the consumers.

With a new revitalization plan, Joel Sousa, the brand’s re-founder, intends to combine the legacy of the past with the technology of the present for the mobility of the future. “Let’s bring Famel back to Portugal!”, he says. “She is really a beautiful motorcycle that we know has never left the hearts of the Portuguese. Therefore, after 7 years of engineering and design work, Famel is finally ready to attract to the garage people who want to remember and those who want to know this national icon”.

The new prototype was built to be exhibited at the 5th edition of the Hybrid and Electric Motor Show, which takes place from October 22 to 24 at Alfândega do Porto. By developing an electric motorbike, the team intends to go beyond the renovation of this icon, actively contributing to combating climate change and promoting the concept of more sustainable cities.

We want a more beautiful future, both on the roads and in the environment”, guarantees Joel Sousa.

However, this is a small business that still needs investment to grow. In order for Famel to be reborn, it is necessary to reach a minimum annual production of 2,000 units.

We need funding to take this prototype to a new level, as well as to produce and market the E-XF. We already have a crowdfunding going on and Famel needs the support of the Portuguese to become big again”, explains the automotive engineer.

Interested parties can contribute to the growth of the brand by becoming Ambassadors, Visionaries, Members or Investors. For more information, see Famel’s website from November 1st, or visit the brand’s stand at the Auto Show Hybrid and Electric.