Families enjoyed art – El Heraldo

The Chimilines Arte para Guaguas Theater Group captivated children and young people with its work on environmental protection. (Photo The Herald)

The Ambatean families who decided to stay in Ambato enjoyed the extensive program of cultural entertainment in Parque Cevallos, yesterday.

Soledad Machado along with two children listened to the message of the actress Marliz Romero from the Chimilines Arte para Guaguas Theater Group, who through the scene raised awareness about the importance of caring for nature, the sea and animals, in order to protect the natural environment .

As part of the program, the Unity Youth Traditional Dance Group was presented with the choreographies Traditions of Saraguro, Sara Ñustas (Queen of Corn), Traditions of Chimborazo (excerpt from jaway), the artist Dalila from Ambate and the Grupo Memoriandante, groups that presented various dance choreographies, musical reports for all tastes and emotional messages for the attendees.

The activity is part of the Enjoy project promoted by the Directorate of Culture and Tourism of the Municipality of Ambato, a proposal that takes place during August in the Month of the Arts and for the Month of Youth. (YO)