Families in Sunset Park protest back to school

A few days before the reopening of public elementary schools, in Sunset Park there is still fear about safety measures.

A group of teachers gathered to denounce that in several centers there are exhausted or insufficient masks and disinfection material.

Annie Tin, who is a teacher, expressed in this regard: “Our teachers are concerned because we think that schools are not safe for students.”

This Sunset Park teacher explains that part of the development of children at an early age is living together.

That is why he is concerned about how he will be able to control that the little ones keep their distance or do not share books and didactic material: “We do not have the employees of the Department of Education to teach all the students,” Tin details.

Some teachers and parents say that public school 503 has several classrooms that do not even have the necessary ventilation or windows to keep their students safe.

Ana María Aguilar is the mother of a student: “So there are many schools here that do not have the capacity for children to return to school and for parents to be sure that they will be healthy.”

Fears are heightened by the existence of Covid-19 cases in some centers in the area.

“In PS1 the news was made that teachers the first week they went back to school, they were examined and had Covid, so we are afraid,” said one of the people present.

On the same subject, Jocelyn Suriet, also a student mother, said: “The parents who are here are suffering for the children.”

The protest also criticized the Department of Education for not providing enough electronic devices to residents of this area.

For his part, the councilor of Brooklyn, Carlos Menchaca, spoke on the subject: “They tell me they don’t even have wifi enough for when all the students arrive. They don’t have iPads at home. “

The city government has scheduled the start of face-to-face classes for elementary education students for next Tuesday.

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