family clings to their faith during storm that destroyed their home – Telemundo San Antonio (60)

CASTROVILLE, Texas – A family is confident that their faith saved them from a storm that destroyed their home in Castroville, a community west of San Antonio.

“It is something ugly that was lost, but the material is made up, it is bought, but not lives,” declared Yolanda Navarro in front of the rubble of the destroyed house.

And it is that Navarro and other relatives live on land where they have several mobile homes, one of which was completely destroyed by the bad weather that hit the region this Wednesday night and early Thursday morning.

“It was very strong, the air, the thunder, it was very strong,” explained Navarro.

The woman said that, along with her seven loved ones, she took refuge in a closet with pillows and blankets.

“We grabbed the mattress from the bed, put it on the windows and sat there,” said Jesús Valván, another of the family members.

While outside it looked like the storm would wipe it all out, the family clung to their faith.

“We began to pray and, thank God, after that he began to calm down,” said Navarro.

Mrs. Navarro said that the destroyed house belonged to her mother, and they were remodeling it to sell it.

“It seems to me that my mother’s house protected us and we did not lose our lives,” said Valván.

However, this family is no stranger to the tragedy, because in February 2020 one of the grandchildren was shot in front of his house while helping his stepfather to unload some bags of groceries from a car.

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Elijah Belmares was 8 years old and the doctors did not give him much hope of life, as the projectile entered his chest, rooting his heart and hitting several other organs.

However, after being in a coma and undergoing 19 surgeries, the boy survived the attack.