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Speaking of additional equipment and figures that manufacturers are so fond of declaring as the base price, Guntars Puls points out that the range of extras in the standard package has changed significantly over time.

“Although it differs for different manufacturers, the basic level is not popular among private individuals in Latvia. Instead, people prefer a used but well-equipped car. Companies tend to buy the basic versions for their fleet, but if you buy them for yourself, then a version with more comfort is better. True, for most, the basic version of modern machines includes everything necessary for everyday life. You will most likely find the least powerful engine in it, but the list of extras will include air conditioner, distance sensors, and various safety systems, as they are already mandatory today,” says Guntars.

Manufacturers’ philosophies vary

Continuing on the prices and labyrinths of various modifications, Guntars Puls says that the usually expensive extras serve as a distinguishing feature of the premium segment. Concerns that produce simpler everyday cars often already have some additional equipment in the basic package, while buying a premium segment model costs almost twice as much.

“A dramatic increase in prices is typical for the premium segment – prices are often inflated there. I remember how I once drove an Audi A7. I look at the price – it was maybe 62 thousand, as if normal, but I turn the page and there I see that the price is for the base, not particular car. But with optional equipment, this demo car cost 117 thousand. Twice as much! And such a situation is not uncommon in the premium segment. Of course, the respective brands could produce a good car at a reasonable price, but in this class, the technology and comfort available for additional Sometimes you have to buy even the little things that can be found in a higher equipment level Dacia Sandero,” Guntars shares his experience.