TIJUANA- While the state of emergency
banned visits to those who are imprisoned in Baja California, dozens
of people line up for hours outside the prisons to be able to take them
money, the only resource that allows to enter the prisons in the state in
means of coronavirus contingency.

Family members said they felt helpless
for not knowing the health status of loved ones during the pandemic of

“A despair an anguish to know
I’m not going to see him again but they give him medicine, “said Nina, who is
aunt of an inmate at Cereso del Hongo in Tecate.

In 9 years his nephew has remained
In prison, Nina has been able to visit him every 15 days. She said that during her last
call, you only heard the cough over the phone.

“I am afraid that within 15 days
talk to us and let’s go to recognize the body or give it to us in its black bag
as they tell them ”, assured Nina.

The State Commission on Human Rights
in Baja California reported that they have integrated 11 inmate records in the state
since last March 20.

“Services that are being provided or not
granting that it has to do with own health care or visits and
the uncertainty they had within them, “said Miguel Ángel
Mora, president of the state commission on human rights in Baja California.

The sanitary jurisdiction told
Telemundo 20, that there is treatment for coronaviruses in prisons. Acts
The state commission said it was watching.

“Complain about these pitiful
deaths that occurred over the weekend of three men and one woman,
these continue in integration, in investigation ”, reported Mora.

Complaints that the health jurisdiction
In the case of Tijuana and Tecate, they had not recorded any deaths from
coronavirus in prisons.

This Tuesday, May 5, family members said
who would like to carry the medications as they have for years, so
await the approval of managers and have dedicated themselves to creating spaces for
I gather for the medicine collection.

“We are there to be with if you want it
receive the director ”, assured Nina.

The Human Rights Commission reminded
all those who suffer for not knowing about their relatives in prison, and who seek
Bring medications to them should contact them by calling (664) 450-35-34.


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