The brother of university professor Yuniol Ramírez, lawyer Ramón Ramírez, said that they are anxiously waiting for Argenis Contreras González, the principal accused of the murder of his relative, to be deported to talk about all those who participated in that incident on October 11. 2017

Ramón Ramírez, who represents the family in the legal process, said, however, that he does not believe that the Attorney General's Office (PGR) has done anything to have Argenis deported to Dominican territory from the United States.

"I am one of those who believe that if Argenis comes he does it with an agreement here or dead," he said, after understanding that the ruling Dominican Liberation Party does not want Argenis to speak.

For the murder of the lawyer the former director of the Metropolitan Office of Bus Services (OMSA), Manuel Rivas, with other people, but Argenis, the main suspect, fled the country after the murder, so it has not been prosecuted.


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