Family saves bear with jar on head, yet another warning for marine pollution | Plastic

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Everything will have happened in five minutes, they report. A family was fishing on Lake Marsh-Miller in the US state of Wisconsin when they spotted a bear cub swimming with difficulty. He had a plastic jar stuck in his head.

“We knew that if we didn’t do anything, he probably wouldn’t be able to reach the coast,” he said. at CNN Tricia Hurt, one of the three crew members of the fishing boat. To help him free himself, they approached the boat discreetly and tried to pull the jar the first time. With one of the ears loose, they went back to chasing the frightened animal and, when they managed to get closer, Brian Hurt pulled the jar more tightly and managed to free the bear, which, shows the video recorded by Tricia, helped with a paw.

From the shore of Lake Marsh-Miller, some campers attended the rescue, reports CNN. As the message spread, the family of amateur fishermen learned that the youngster had been walking “three or four days” with the container attached to his head. The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources was contacted, but was never able to locate the animal amid the dense forested landscape.

Images of turtles with straws stuck in their noses or of fish and sea birds with their stomachs full of plastic are increasingly common on the coasts of oceans, lakes and rivers transformed into plastic soups. With the global pandemic, the number of masks and gloves to give to the coast has escalated and joined the already common butts, packaging of take away, bags or lids. Although the main items found in the back and buried in the sand are all made of plastic, ecologists have long called for the abandonment of disposables, a fight that may go back during the fight against covid-19.



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