Family that jumped from the 7th floor: New facts make case even more enigmatic

The case of a family of five who threw themselves from a balcony on the 7th floor of a luxury building in the Swiss city of Montreux on March 24, which shocked the world and left local authorities lossesremains a mystery and according to new revelationsthe behavior eccentric and as oddities reported don’t contribute anything for the clarification of the tragedy, making the investigations even more confused. As recent information were taken from press organs such as RTL, Nice-Matin and Charente Libre, from France.

the swiss police already knew that father, mother, a couple of children and a twin sister of the woman lived completely isolated of the world, keeping huge food stocks and refusing to keep any minimal contact with the neighbors. Seized materials had also revealed that all were supporters of conspiracy theories and who lived in fear of being persecuted and monitored by the authorities. Now one new data set, including the identities it’s the past of victims, distorts even more the investigators.

People of the intellectual and wealthy elite

Eric Davidthe father, was from a family very rich e traditional from marseillethe second largest city in France, located on the coast of Mediterranean Sea. He was born and raised in one of the neighborhoods noblest of the municipality and graduated from Polytechnic university, one of the most important institutions from University education from France, having worked in various state ministries of your country, until dropped everything and went on to make a living selling football match tickets as autonomous in Switzerland just over two years ago.

Already Nasrine e Narjisse FeraounÉric’s wife and sister-in-law, respectively, were net by the French-Algerian intellectual and writer Mouloud Feraounwhat it was kidnapped e murdered in 1962 for a far-right terrorist organization who fought against Algeria independence, until then a colony of France. He was very close friend from the legendary writer Albert Camus and is the author of the classics The Son of the Poor (1950), Earth and Blood (1953) e The Ways Up (1957). In early March, the French president Emmanuel Macron held a ceremony at Elysee’s Palace for honor their grandfather, as a martyr from the fight for liberation of the algerian people. The 41-year-old twins studied during their youth at Henri IV high school in Paristhe most refined, elite and exclusive college in France.

arrest warrant

On the same day of the tragedy, at 6:15 amtwo Montreux police officers tried to serve an arrest warrant against Eric David by him not be bossing the 15 year old son the school. The judge ordered that Eric be taken away at that time of the morning. to the forumescorted by the agents, to be questioned about his negligence with the boy. The pair knocked on the door of the property and after a long silence someone answered, asking who it was. Upon announcing that they were from the police and that they were complying with a court order, nothing else was heard. The agents then they leftsince the magistrate’s warrant did not authorize a invasion of residence. Only 45 minutes later everyone threw themselves from the balcony, from a height of 22 meters.

Swiss authorities found that Nasrinethe mother, and the daughter eight years old were not registered as residents of the country and nor from the cityas required by Swiss law, and would be officially in Morocco since 2016, according to police records. the local newspapers just don’t inform if these are data from European Unionsince they were all French citizens, or if they are from the Switzerlanda nation that, although staying in Europe, not part of the block. The girl I didn’t go to school and her mother, a dentist (sister Narjisse is an ophthalmologist, but Nasrine is not, unlike what had been previously reported), didn’t have authorization to practice the profession in the Alpine country.

Very weird, neighbors say

Neighbors also revealed other weird traits of the family. From a few months to now the smell of incense leaving the apartment was stronger and stronger and on the day before the tragic event the odor it was unbearable. Residents of the luxurious building also reported that every day, at midnight on the dot, the bathtub do toilette it was fulland they knew it because a specific noise occurs when a unit owner uses the equipment.

What was also reported is that the three adults, Éric, Nasrine e Narjisseused to take walks at dawn glamorous fur Lake Geneva, which is one block away. The husband always went beach shorts e T shirteven on days very coldwhile the wife and sister-in-law wore long green capeswith hood. Nasrine, according to people nearby, would have spent to use a cane from a year to now and would also have fattened about 20kg in a few months.


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