Famous actress of the Cine Oro was founder of the Inclán Dynasty; this is his little known kinship

The time of Mexican Golden Cinema It is full of surprises, of stories that surprise more than one, because behind the fame of actors like Jorge Negrete or María Félix, there are other actors who, although they did not shine for being protagonists, did so in secondary roles that sustained the stories told on the big screen.

One of those actresses is Guadalupe Inclan, who rose to fame after passing through the tents, those spaces where talents such as those of Cantinflas or Tin Tan, both actors who shone during the Cine de Oro and a similar case was that of the actress who rose to fame thanks to her interpretation of “peladitas”, typical women of the town as servants, nannies, porters, neighborhood women and peasant women.

During her life as an actress she shone for her comic roles; was born in San Luis Potosí in 1895 and died at 61 years of age on June 25, 1956; his time in acting was not accidental, as his parents María de Jesús Delgado and Miguel Inclán García ran a traveling theater company.

Guadalupe Inclán in “Here the cakes”. Photo Juan Bustillo

Lupe Inclán had talent in her blood

She was the sister of the renowned actor Miguel Inclan, who was consecrated in Mexican cinema as one of the favorite villains of Mexican cinema and sometimes they had to be a couple, it is worth remembering the tape My general’s wives from 1952.

His debut in the theater took place in 1919, but his film debut took place until the 1940s, where he stood out alongside great film figures such as Arturo de Córdova, Jorge Negrete, Pedro Armendáriz, Luis Aguilar , Fernando Soler, David Silva, Germán Valdés “Tin Tan”, Pedro Infante and the divas Esther Fernández, Dolores del Río, Miroslava, Lilia Prado, Silvia Pinal, María Félix and Emilia Guiú.

His main successes were in the films María Candelaria (1944), by Emilio “Indio” Fernández, in Capullito de alhelí (1945), Allá en el Rancho Grande (1949) and in The Lost Child (1947), Soy charro de levita ( 1949), La marca del zorrillo (1950), El revoltoso (1951), as Doña Trini the porter, The Adventures of Pito Pérez (1956), as the nurse Pelagia.

It was Tin Tan who allowed him to shine on the screen, it is known that it gave the supporting actors the opportunity to show off their performance, no matter how minimal the role, unlike what others like Cantinflas did.

The brothers Lupe and Miguel Inclán in the film “From the corner store.” Photo: Special

Lupe founded the Inclán Dynasty

Lupe had two daughters, Gloria Alice and Elena, and it is just his first daughter who is the mother of one of the actors who stood out in ficheras cinema, Rafael Inclan; it was his grandson who dedicated his Ariel award to him for the film Nicotine. As we have read, the actor comes from a great family of actors and comedians.

In the Inclán dynasty There are also the comedians and actors of ficheras cinema, Alfonso Zayas and Raúl Padilla “Chóforo”, who were also grandchildren of the actress Lupe Inclán.



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