Famous American lawyer ends his life protesting environmental destruction


LGBT rights activist David Buckel immolated himself in a New York park to denounce the destruction of the environment, according to a note sent to several media before his death.
A famous American lawyer, a fervent advocate for gay rights, set himself on fire in a New York park for protest against pollution, according to a letter of goodbye sent to media before his death. According to New York Times , who quotes the police David Buckel committed suicide by fire in Brooklyn Prospect Park on Saturday, April 14, and was pronounced dead on Sunday morning.
In a letter sent by e-mail to several American media, the 60-year-old lawyer denounces pollution that “Ravage our planet and spread instability through the air, the soil, the water and the weather “:
“Most humans on the planet now breathe unhealthy air by fossil fuels and many, therefore, will die prematurely – my premature death with a fossil fuel reflects what we are doing make to ourselves. ”
An unwavering advocate for LGBT rights
David Buckel was a nationally known lawyer in the United States for his defense rights of homosexuals, who had intervened in several resounding trial for discrimination. Mr. Buckel was the lead counsel in the Brandon Teena case, named after a young transgender man who was raped and murdered in a Nebraska city in the United States in 1993. The court found the sheriff guilty from Richardson County for failing to protect Brandon Teena. This history had been brought to the screen with the film Boys do not cry , with Hilary Swank.
In 1996, David Buckel played an important role in the Nabozny Vs. Podlesny, in which a federal court of appeal has, for the first time, ruled that schools have an obligation to protect homosexual students from violence and discrimination in their courtrooms.
In the LGBT community Lambda Legal’s civil rights organization he had been at the forefront of the movement for legalize gay marriage, now legally recognized in all states of the country.
Passionate about the defense of the environment
“The news of David’s death is breaking our hearts. It’s a terrible loss for the family Lambda Legal, but also for the entire movement for the justice social ” , commented in a statement one of the directors of the organization, Camilla Taylor, calling the lawyer “Brilliant legal visionary” .
According to Susan summon , a lawyer who previously worked for Lambda Legal, Mr. Buckel was “One of the architects of freedom and equality before marriage” .
According to Mr. Buckel’s friends cited by New York Times , the lawyer had started to fascinate for the defense of the environment after leaving Lambda Legal a few years ago. In his note of farewell, David Buckel evokes the difficulty in return the world better, even for those who are making real efforts in this direction, and judge that give to associations is not enough, according to the American daily.
He hopes his death will lead to “Increased action” . “To have honorable goals in life invites to to have honorable goals in death ” he wrote.


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