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[TheEpochTimesJanuary192022](The Epoch Times columnist Stacey Rudin / Qu Zhizhuo compiled) Defending Australian Open champion Novak Djokovic (Novak Djokovic) a day before the start of the 2022 tournament deported from Australia. He entered the country on a visa, including a medical exemption based on a recent COVID infection. His visa was revoked on arrival in the country due to public outcry over “special treatment”, only to be reinstated by a court, and later by an immigration minister whose decision was upheld by another court, Lingde Jokovic packs home – valid for three years.

The draconian act puts Djokovic at a serious disadvantage in the Grand Slam race with Rafael Nadal, who this year is in the dark after vocally backing a vaccine. Australia competes. Both champions, along with Roger Federer, currently hold 20 Grand Slam titles. Djokovic is expected to be the first man to win 21 titles. But he decided not to get vaccinated, temporarily ceding the opportunity to Nadal. (Federer is recovering from surgery.)

Technically, Djokovic was deported for not being vaccinated, but the decision lacked even an apparent “health and safety” rationale. Djokovic has contracted COVID twice, once in early 2020 and again in December 2021. By the time he was deported, he had been in Australia for ten days and had tested negative. He’s as fit as anyone else – it’s not easy to get a “GOAT” title in the difficult sport of tennis. (Note: GOAT is the abbreviation of Greatest of all time in English, which means “the best in history”.)

Djokovic poses no health threat to anyone. Further evidence is that the game was played safely in January 2021, when no players or spectators had access to a vaccine. Even if Djokovic were vaccinated, he would not be “safer” in terms of his ability to spread the virus, as evidenced by the 100,000 daily cases in highly vaccinated Australia.

Even the government that ousted Djokovic did not go so far as to characterize its decision as eliminating a health threat. Instead, it said Novak would become a “symbol of free choice” if allowed to stay. The irony is that he will no doubt become the symbol because he has made the ultimate sacrifice by giving up the chance to play in order to speak out against mandatory vaccinations.

It would be embarrassing for regimes that use hard-line policies on the grounds of COVID if an openly “anti-vaccine” figure dominates the game. Spectators around the world may start to consider the relative health of the “unvaccinated”, especially since (many vaccinated) athletes have experienced heart problems around the world – some of them at the Australian Open on the practice field.

For now, millions of Australians and others who have been vaccinated applaud the government’s decision. They can’t get the vaccine out of the body, so the best thing for them to do is make sure everyone else has to be like them.

Never mind the precedent set by this, allowing governments to force people to choose between their health and careers. Today, this “Sophie’s choice” is normal. (Note: “Sophie’s Choice” comes from the novel and movie of the same name. Sophie, a Polish woman who came out of Auschwitz, thought she killed her family and couldn’t forgive herself, and eventually committed suicide.)

The government won’t mind Djokovic playing unvaccinated as long as he publicly supports mandatory universal vaccination. He could have done so easily – as Serbia’s hero, the wealthy star could have had countless doctors provide false proof of vaccinations. But that would violate his principles.

In 2010, the “unwell” Djokovic fainted during the game and was unable to complete the tough game. The athlete was contacted by a doctor who witnessed his condition on TV and advised him to remove gluten, dairy and processed sugar from his diet. Novak thought it sounded odd, but agreed to try. The results of doing so are beyond doubt. His 2011 season was one of the best in men’s tennis history. With his new diet material, he’s unstoppable. He finished the season with an incredible 10-1 record, beating Nadal and Federer, and on a 41-game winning streak.

Not only did this experience change his tennis career, it fundamentally changed the person, as Djokovic writes in his book Djokovic: One Serving to Win – My 14-Day Mind-Body Reversal Plan. (Serve to Win, Taiwan translated as “Djokovic’s Physical and Mental Health Book – 14-Day Reversal Victory Nutrition Plan”) as explained:

“Your body signals to you when it’s not being taken care of: fatigue, insomnia, cramps, flu, colds, allergies. When this happens, do you ask yourself some important questions? You’ll be honest And answer frankly?

“Open-minded people exude positive energy. Close-minded people exude negative energy. Eastern medicine teaches you to tune your mind, body and soul. If you have positive feelings in your heart: love, joy, happiness, they affect your The body…but many people, especially closed-minded people, are led by fear. Fear and anger are the most negative energies we have. What are closed-minded people afraid of? Could be many things: fear that they are wrong, fear Someone might have a better way, fear that something has to change. Fear limits your ability to live.

“Some people at the top of society make money off the negativity of others. In my opinion, pharmaceutical and food companies want people to be scared. They want people to get sick. How many TV commercials are about fast food and medicine? What is the source of these messages? Using our products will make you feel better. But on a deeper level: we’ll make you worry that you don’t have enough of what we recommend. It’s crazy – even if you’re perfectly healthy, they say you need (product) to maintain this state.

“Here’s the life pattern I’m willing to embrace: good food, exercise, openness, positive energy, good results. I’ve been living this way for several years. It works better than the alternatives.”

Djokovic rejects Big Food, Big Agriculture, Big Chemical and Big Pharma. He doesn’t need them. His practice keeps him healthy without any such products. In fact, he achieved elite fitness levels by actively avoiding their products.

No one poses a greater threat to the profits of these companies than the likes of Novak Djokovic. He’s not afraid, he’s not anxious, so he’s not being manipulated or easily buying a product that seems to fix a health problem quickly. He can see that the road to health takes hard work, and he’s willing to put himself in it. He smiled at them when they told him he couldn’t be healthy without the vaccine. They could deport him, but they could never take away his integrity and self-worth.

Novak Djokovic doesn’t want to lie to the public, pretending to agree with the government’s “path to health.” If he did, he could play his game, but millions of lives would be weighed on his conscience. He would rather give up the crowning achievement of his career and stick to the truth. His message to people is: You can reject this tyranny. You don’t have to obey. You can say no and you’ll be fine.

It’s easier for him, yes, because he’s a millionaire. Health care workers on middle-class salaries will have a harder time making similar decisions. Soldiers who faced disgraceful discharges but still refused to get vaccinated fared worse. But Djokovic at least made it easier for everyone to publicly refuse to get vaccinated. If Nowak publicly rejects the vaccine, so can they, no shame. His public deportation will likely cause many to ponder his approach to health, which, if widely understood and adopted, will ultimately destroy a regime that relies on COVID once and for all.

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