Famous investigator finds the ‘Precious Blood’ of Christ – World

The Dutch investigator specializing in finding works of art Arthur Brand claims to have recovered the relic of the ‘Precious Blood’ of Christ stolen in June in France from the abbey of Fécamp where it had been kept for a thousand years. Dubbed the Indiana Jones of the art world, Brand is one of the most famous experts and detectives specializing in the ‘hunt’ for stolen or lost works. An anonymous person contacted him via email and on July 1st he was left with a cardboard box on his door after someone rang the doorbell.

The sacred object has not yet been brought to the Dutch police, who have received a request for assistance from France to investigate the identity of the thief and the authenticity of the piece. “After the investigation, our findings and the relic will be handed over to the French police,” Dutch police spokesman Dennis Janus told AFP.

For Brand, getting his hands on the relic of Christ’s “Precious Blood” was particularly extraordinary: “As a Catholic, this is as close to the legend of Jesus and the Holy Grail as you can get,” he said. ‘religious experience “. According to tradition, the drops of Christ’s blood were collected by Joseph of Arimathea, who buried Jesus together with Nicodemus. Throughout his career, Brand has found a Picasso, an Oscar Wilde ring and ‘Hitler’s horses’, life-size bronze sculptures. The relic of the ‘Precious Blood’ of Christ is one of the most sacred objects ever stolen from the Catholic Church.



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