Fanka shot in the head with an illegal gun

Her ex-husband got the gun months ago and was learning to shoot in the woods

28-year-old Fanka Ivanova, found dead yesterday in a garage in the Plovdiv village of Padarsko, was shot in the head with an illegal gun. This was learned by “24 Hours” from its sources.

Local people say that the murder was planned by her ex-husband Alexander. He got the weapon months earlier and went to the forest to practice shooting.

The young woman disappeared at dawn on Friday on her way to work to the Industrial Zone in Stryama. For more than two days, the entire police force from Rakovsky searched for her and found her, despite the fact that the perpetrator did everything possible to cover his tracks. Forensics from Rakovski are currently continuing to determine whether Alexander had helpers in hiding the body.

According to residents of Padarsko, he suffered from pathological jealousy and even before they broke up with Fanka, he even stalked her in the toilet. He couldn’t swallow that she left him about a year ago. When this happened, he described his family situation as complicated on social networks.

Their two children – a girl in second grade and a 14-year-old boy – stayed with their father. The mother often tried to find a moment to see her daughter when she returned from school and kiss her. Alexander, on the other hand, was afraid that Fanka would kidnap the children.

“The murder was planned,” the people of the village insist. They said that the abandoned husband dug a grave for Fanka, but then abandoned him and hid her in the garage. In Padarsko they say that the minibus in which the body was transported was covered in blood.

The police in Rakovski continue their work on the case, and the prosecutor’s office will file a request for the permanent arrest of Alexander Pashov.