Fans disappointed with new swimwear collection

The new swimwear collection by Kylie Jenner was released almost two weeks ago. Now negative feedback is piling up on social media.

the essentials in brief

  • Kylie Jenner’s swimwear collection has been on the market for a few weeks.
  • Now, however, the negative reviews on social media are piling up.
  • The products are overpriced, poorly processed and barely cover the essentials.

Many fans have been waiting a long time for their new bikinis and swimwear from Kylie Jenner’s new collection. At prices between 40 and 85 US dollars, they had hoped for a little more. After the first products have reached the buyers, the bad reviews pile up on social media.

For example, a TikTok user shows poorly processed seams and threadbare areas in a short video. And there are hardly any positive comments on the “KylieSwim” Instagram account either. The pieces are lacking in reinforcement at the necessary points.

Before she started her swimwear, Kylie Jenner had already brought numerous beauty products onto the market with “Kylie Cosmetics” and “Kylie Skin”. Thanks to their around 200 million followers on various channels, these, like swimwear, were always sold out quickly.

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