Fans of Sylvie Meis are angry: What are you aiming for with this photo?


Sylvie Meis © dpa / Maurizio Gambarini On Instagram, Sylvie Meis has been presenting her current swimwear collection for a few days. A photo provides with their fans but horror. Hamburg – Top styled and in tight outfits, so you know Sylvie Meis from her Instagram account. Of course, the 40-year-old takes her current swimwear collection as an opportunity to show off in the tight bikinis. The photos are generally well received by fans, but Meis has probably exaggerated in a photo. This is clearly noticeable in the comments on Instagram. Heidi Klum or Jeanette Biedermann? In the photo, the model is posing on a beach and smiling at the camera. Her fans make one thing angry: “That’s impossible – is it you yourself Sylvie or have you found a 10 to 15 years younger double!?!” The photo has indeed been heavily reworked, clearly too much for the fans. They do not recognize the blonde again and compare her with Heidi Klum and Jeanette Biedermann: “Your face? Looks a bit like the young Heidi Klum …? Too bad that such a pretty woman is being photoshopped … ” Fans upset: “Sylvie, are you serious?” The 40-year-old has to take nasty comments. Your Instagram subscribers do not understand what the heavy editing is: “Sylvie, are you serious? What are you aiming for with this post …? Can not you show off your swimwear the way you are … Or are you not suitable for your fashion? ” In addition to a few isolated compliments you can find nice calls to the 40-year-olds: “Dear Sylvie, we want to see you and not this unknown.” A few weeks ago, one made Photo on her Instagram account for wedding rumors ,


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