Fans shout "mercenaries" to Napoli players


Napoli fans claimed their players the lack of attitude and results they have had in recent months. On the outskirts of San Paolo Stadium, where this practice took place on Thursday, a hundred followers wore banners with messages of "respect" towards the players.

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In addition, with the shout of "mercenaries", the shouts were constant towards those directed by Carlo Ancelottiwho tied this Tuesday against Salzburg in the UEFA Champions League.

In addition to the banners and the screams they expressed after 2 pm, the almost 100 fans launched some firecrackers that made the protest more visible. In the meantime, about a thousand people gathered in the enclosure, as the training was opened only for subscribers.

After the bus arrived in San Paolo, the radical group left the stadium with slogans to the president of the club, Aurelio De Laurentiis.

Even when the players jumped on the pitch, the subscribers scared them with whistles and several shouts, which were for the elements and Ancelotti himself, who was externals his wishes to leave.

As if that weren't enough, according to La Gazzetta dello Sport, the same manager analyzes the possibility of fine his players with the discount of 5 percent of his salary because after the Champions game they did not concentrate.

In addition, the same newspaper said that in order for this measure to be approved, a league approval is required, although players are willing to fight for their interests.

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