Within days of its official launch on PlayStation 4, Final Fantasy VII Remake You already have the option to download to console from today. Square Enix announced that due to coronavirus, the company made the decision to offer a preload of a week in order not to saturate the bandwidth one or two days before the launch.

The game’s producer Yoshinori Kitase said in a press release that he is aware that everyone is at home dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, so he wants to give fans enough time to download the 80 GB required.

The move has been influenced by Sony’s decision to adjust download speeds on the PlayStation Network in Europe and the United States. A few days ago the Japanese manufacturer announced that it would follow the same path of platforms such as YouTube or Netflix to ensure that everyone has access to the network in the period of confinement.

The only downside for those who already purchased their copy of Final Fantasy VII Remake is that the digital version will be activated from April 10, 2020. Contrary to what happens with physical copies, users who choose to download the game they will be the last to enjoy it. Square Enix revealed a few days ago that the physical version was shipped earlier in order to guarantee its distribution.

This week reports began to emerge that some users from Australia and Europe were already playing the expected RPG, sparking criticism and requests to Square Enix to advance its launch. Given this, the publisher issued a statement saying that most shipments are scheduled to arrive in stores on the designated date.

Also, changing the digital release date at this time could create logistical issues that could disrupt digital launch for everyone. Therefore, we will meet the digital release date of April 10. Thanks for your understanding.

Final Fantasy VII Remake it is one of the last great exclusives of this generation. The game will be available for PlayStation 4 starting April 10 and it is rumored that it would remain linked to the Sony platform for a year, before being able to launch on PC or Xbox One.

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